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Dontell Antonio is an American film director, screenwriter and inspirational speaker. He has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and several other media platforms. Dontell began his career by filming music videos in 2012. After switching his college major from graphic design to photography, Dontell developed a relationship and passion with videography and editing. Since then Dontell has committed himself to creating art with a purpose. Dontell challenges the traditional approach of creating music videos by thinking outside the box. While filming, he imagines that the box isn’t there and allows his creativity to flow without limitations. Dontell’s approach allows his music video to live a life of its own. He creates music videos that stimulate the audience’s conscious to the point that they can mute the film and still follow along. In 2017, Dontell directed and funded his film “The Hopeless Journey”. Since its release, “The Hopeless Journey” has been shown in numerous film festivals across America and has won several awards.  Dontell Antonio has a goal to inspire the world through his vision and touch every heart.

Gabby was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. She graduated from Georgia State University, with a B.S. in Economics and minor in Film and Media. Growing up in a community, that lacked the necessary resources to provide a thriving environment for education and health, she has set a goal to influence her community by exposing the very aspects that harm them. She stumbled into the role of a producer, in 2016. When she began working with Director Dontell Antonio. She recognized his passion for film and the rare topics he chose; they aligned perfectly with her goals and what she wanted people to know. Coming from a background of organizing and planning school events, beginning to produce was a smooth transition. “The Hopeless Journey” was her first film project. Gabby enjoys, and appreciates the process of filmmaking and developing a vision into reality.

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The Hopeless Journey follows fifteen-year-old Olivia as she is faced with the obstacles and barriers passed down from her drug abusive mother. When looking for her next fix with no money to spend, Olivia’s mother sells her to the local drug dealer for just a small amount of cocaine. Olivia is then forced to live a life she knows nothing about. This film will aid in knocking down the social taboos on subjects such as drugs, prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide, and sex trafficking. Ultimately this film will give the raw and authentic attitudes on how we all learn to sacrifice certain things for the life we live.

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